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Sam understands what it takes to get the best out of a Vocalist. He is eager to learn, pro-active, open to do adaptations whenever requested and able to deliver a solid product within a limited timeframe. Add his ‘FAB’ personality and you got yourself a great team player.

          —  Allan Eshuijs (Vocal Kitchen Founder & Songwriter)

Sam is a talented young DJ who has great skills in mixing and can make a room dance. He's passionate about what he does and has the highest professional integrity. Watch this space as this guy will become one of the biggest names in the industry soon, and it was a true honour to have him starting out with us and DJing at parties at Ministry of Sound.

          — DJ Bompe (DJ, Sestra London)

I have the chance to work with Sam in studio on a regular basis and I love the dedication Sam puts into music. It is a great experience to share ideas and work on projects with Sam. He is an extremely kind and open-minded producer and I love to sit down in the studio with him.

As a DJ, Sam knows how to read a crowd and he's also technically excellent. Playing tunes is not enough and Sam completely understands it. The positive energy, his body language with his dance floor and his finest selection make Sam's DJ sets always great to listen to.

Besides, Sam has been a guest a few times on the Selection Live Radio Show which is broadcast on more than 30 radio stations reaching 3 million unique listeners. Guess what? I received fantastic feedback from the radio stations and the listeners. Sam will come back very soon, that's for sure!

          — Laurent Schark (DJ/Producer)


Sam has an exceptional maturity for his young age when it comes to house music. His DJ sets are groovy and infectious and his productions are catchy and alluring. His personality is as positive as his smile, both transpiring in his music. Can't see him going anywhere else than upwards!

          —  JP Lantieri (producer, remixer, DJ, head of Flemcy Music)

Sam Lucas is one of the first names that comes to mind when artists I'm working with need top quality vocal production and tracks to compliment the songs. It's always a pleasure working with him and I can always rely on fast results to a high standard - his work as a DJ and a producer with Vocal Kitchen artists is helping to create a healthy scene as well as a great name for himself; and I'm sure I'll be working with him in one way or another for many years to come...

          —  Kieron Pepper (Head of Artist Development & Creative Output, ACM)

Sam is a very talented and knowledgable producer. His work ethic is one of the best I've worked with in the industry, and he fully understands the artist point of view. He understands artistic direction and how the individual parts of the track will complement this. Vocal production is the most important part of a song, as much as the song itself. He always captures the best vocals and delivers a great sounding record! It is always a pleasure working with Sam in the studio. as well as him being seriously talented he is also a lovely guy which to me is the most important overall!

          —  Ed Stokes (Producer)

Sam combines creativity and attention to detail, with a well tuned commercial awareness, attributes which together make him an exciting proposition as a next generation producer. Add to that the fact that Sam has great people skills and endless patience, the package is complete.

          —  Tim Hawes (Co-Owner of Orio Recordings, Songwriter & Producer)

I can only recommend Sam Lucas! Whether it is studio work, vocal production, or DJ sets, Sam is always on top of the matter and very well prepared, ready to do everything for the best possible result. This mindset combined with his humbleness and understanding makes him a great Vocal Producer, Remixer, Studio Engineer, and DJ.” 

          —  Hadron Sounds (Artist & Musician)

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